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Quality Products and Services, Lower Cost and Quick Delivery

We have been providing unique and quality products based on many experiences in various industries including:steelmaking, nonferrous metal, cement, ceramics, chemicals, electric instrument, construction, machinery and civil engineering.
And we enjoy a good reputation not only in Japan, but worldwide.
TYK is ever advancing toward making new dreams of mankind come true by meeting head-on with developing new technologies.
Our motto is: "Quality Products and Services, Lower Cost and Quick Delivery."



Pioneer on Advanced Materials

Our main product is refractory, which is essential for industries operating at very high temperature.

Also, we aggressively advance into the fields such as fine ceramics, matrix composite of metal and ceramic, advanced carbon material and various equipments applying advanced materials.



Environmentally Conscious

Our slogan is:

"We contribute to lasting development of human society by preserving environment".

We became the first qualified refractory manufacturer as ISO 14001 in July, 1998.

We were qualified as 'Environment Conscious Company' by the prefectural government.